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50lb Bag Palletizing Systems

PSA has developed multiple palletizing systems to handle different types of 50lb bagged product. Utilizing ABB’s IRB460 palletizing robots with custom designed end effectors PSA was able to weigh and flatten the bags, provide metal detection and palletize multiple products at one time including handling of pallets and slip sheets.

University of Pennsylvania Robotics Laboratory
PSA provided custom Robot Stands and Safety Integration for two ABB brand IRB4600s for the University of Pennsylvania’s PennDesign Robotics Laboratory at Meyerson Hall. The system utilizes ABB’s SafeMove package in conjunction with an Allen Bradley Guardmaster Safety PLC to monitor the movement of the Robots and prevent collision with each other or surrounding ancillary equipment. The system includes safeguards to prevent operation when personnel have crossed into a designated work area as well as the necessary programming changes to integrate these safety features into the existing ABB IRC5 Robot Controllers.

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