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PSA's latest announcement

SMT Tooling Partners with The JW Corporation in Canada

Duryea, PA ― February 2023 ― SMT Tooling, a division of PSA Systems, today announced that it has partnered with The JW Corporation at its newest manufacturers’ representative. Under the agreement, Jason Wahba will represent SMT Tooling’s Matrix™ Automatic SMT Support Tooling throughout Canada.

Robot stands in place at University of Pennsylvania's PennDesign Robotics Laboratory

Robotics Laboratories For Education - University of Pennsylvania

PSA provided custom Robot Stands and Safety Integration for two ABB brand IRB4600s for the University of Pennsylvania's PennDesign Robotics Laboratory at Meyerson Hall. The system utilizes ABB's SafeMove package in conjunction with an Allen Bradley Guardmaster Safety PLC to monitor the movement of the Robots and prevent collision with each other or surrounding ancillary equipment. The system includes safeguards to prevent operation when personnel have crossed into a designated work area as well as the necessary programming changes to integrate these safety features into the existing ABB IRC5 Robot Controllers. PSA also provided end of arm tooling and tooling integration services for the University of Penn's school of design robotic program including five (5) tools which handle small parts vacuum gripping, clay extrusion, hot wire cutting and air gun caulking.